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I don't really blog anymore, so this section is mostly full of news and updates about things I've made.

The full trailer for my Netflix series just dropped! The teaser trailer for my Exploding Kittens Netflix series just dropped! How my pets see me I made some animated shorts Good vs Evil I'm thinking of a word. Try to guess what it is. I am making an Exploding Kittens TV series at Netflix I am here to teach you Hand-to-Hand Wombat I have many puzzles for you My wife and I have created something while stuck in quarantine and it's not a baby I have a free game for you - Kitty Letter Come play games with us The Secret Life of Matt Can you keep a secret? Cyber Monday 2017 My new book came out today! I need 50,000 comments on a government website. The characters of Westworld beautifully reimagined as horses Black Friday 2016 Things are about to get hairy Are you having a bad day? Black Friday My life in 171 seconds Joseph Sikorski made a documentary about the Tesla Tower at Wardenclyffe

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