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A Little Wordy

I coded a word-unscrambling game. Every day for thirty days I'm going to upload a word to my website. Your job is to try and guess that word by using as few clues as possible.

Kitty Letter - a free battle game where you unscramble words

Unscramble words from a magical vortex. Those words transform into an army of CATS. The bigger the word, the bigger the army. Features multiplayer battles and an extensive single player mode with comics drawn by The Oatmeal. Download Kitty Letter for free.

A Little Wordy - A two-player tile game

A Little Wordy is a fresh take on the genre of tile-based word games. It’s a thoughtful, strategic, highly-replayable game built specifically for two players. You and your opponent are each given a pile of letters. Rearrange your letters until you come up with a word. Be sneaky and choose a word your opponent won't easily guess. Write it down and keep it a secret. Use clue cards to try and figure out each other's secret words. Read more about A Little Wordy

Exploding Kittens - The game that started it all

Throw Throw Burrito - A dodgeball card game

You've Got Crabs - A social bluffing game

Exploding Kittens - now on iOS/Android

Bears vs Babies - A monster-building card game