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How my pets see me

I created a little animation about how I see my pets versus how they see me.

How my pets see me

Posted August 23, 2023

Hi there. Due to the writer's strike and my Netflix series being delayed, I've been spending my time creating animations and posting them online. I've been uploading them to my TikTok account first, and then following it up with other social networks.

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This one is about how my pets see me versus how I see them. ↓

@oatmealcomics How I see my pets versus how they see me. #cartoon #dogsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #oatmealcomics ♬ original sound - Oatmeal

What's been interesting about this little experiment is that TikTok is the only network so far that's been spreading my videos beyond my followers. I started with 1200 followers on Tiktok and my second video reached over a million views. On Facebook, where I have 3.7 million followers, it was only viewed by a small fraction of those people. This could change, but for now it's been really nice for things to feel like the wild west of social media again, where free content isn't locked inside a walled garden.

Long story short, I'm really enjoying making these, and I'm using these shorts as practice for animating some of my bigger comics, like The Backfire Effector My Dog: The Paradox. Until then, follow me wherever you want and I'll keep posting cartoons.

@oatmealcomics You’re doing it for the exposure #cartoon #oatmealcomics #freelancelife ♬ original sound - Oatmeal
@oatmealcomics Philosophy is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat. #funny #animation #cartoon #OatmealComics ♬ original sound - Oatmeal
@oatmealcomics The Bananus. #funny #animation #cartoon #OatmealComics #banana ♬ original sound - Oatmeal
@oatmealcomics Cat interview #cartoon #catsoftiktok #oatmealcomics ♬ original sound - Oatmeal

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Hi. I'm a cartoonist.

I have a Netflix show coming out this year. Check out the teaser trailer below!

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